Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sing us a song you're the piano man.

SATURDAY-Dec 6, 2008-11:11 pm. I was at a piano bar with Whit, Coy, Jon and friends. I wished for a good time! I don't know if it came true when they started playing Sweet Caroline, or when Jon got up on stage during "It's raining men" Or when the drunk lady in a silky red dress hit her head on our table or when we came back to my place and invented the trio couch/mattress combo for wrestling and ultimate movie night fun...but it definitely came true. It probably happened when Coy did a head stand and covered the span from my floor to the ceiling. Yeah...that was probably it.


coy.w said...

Oh jeez. There's my belly and my extremely long body extending from floor to ceiling. not my proudest moment, but close.

Koi said...

I keep looking at my belly and it's so fine. Would you pick up the pace on your posting?