Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wanna put my tender heart in a blender....

FRIDAY-Jan 2, 2009-Friday 11:11 pm. Keys on Main with Whit, Katy Branca, Jon and friends. Whit and I wished that they would play our requested song, INSIDE OUT by Eve 6. Break down. The night previous, Whit, Lindz, and I had dinner for the New Year. On the way to Paradise we heard that song on the radio, a song that reminded us much of the past, but we didn't know who sang it. When we went home, JM was there to help us figure out who it was and we found that it was miraculously on my itunes. The next day-at a whimsical decision to join jon at piano bar, I threw a list of songs on the back of one of the songs Jon had requested. Out of 7, Jordan Stoneman, the rockstar pianist, chose Eve 6. And our whole table went wild. Oh, the wishes that come true. PS. I also didn't wish that the drunk, fat lady would fall off the piano onto the floor...but that was just as good as our wish coming true.

Death and Destruction

FRIDAY-Dec 12, 2008-11:11 am. I wished I could get the HELL out of Denver as far away as I could from my ridiculously horrible trainer that hated me and back home to my friends and family where I was loved. The hours could not have passed any slower that day. BUT somehow I survived.

Fear never leads to success

WEDNESDAY-Dec 10, 2008-11:11 pm. Writing in my journal in the Curtis Hotel, Denver, CO. I wished that I could ditch the fear that this job would make me all grown up and turn into a business suit, preventing me from accomplishing all my wild dreams. I am what I wish for. I make my own future.

The step towards real life.

TUESDAY-Dec 9, 2008-11:11 am. There I was sitting in Denver, Colorado in training. I was in a real person job and I couldn't stop wishing Julio (name has been changed to avoid confusion) didn't have a girl friend. I also wished that training wouldn't be as boring as nails. The first came true. The second didn't. I guess that means you only get one wish everytime, so make the first one count.

Sing us a song you're the piano man.

SATURDAY-Dec 6, 2008-11:11 pm. I was at a piano bar with Whit, Coy, Jon and friends. I wished for a good time! I don't know if it came true when they started playing Sweet Caroline, or when Jon got up on stage during "It's raining men" Or when the drunk lady in a silky red dress hit her head on our table or when we came back to my place and invented the trio couch/mattress combo for wrestling and ultimate movie night fun...but it definitely came true. It probably happened when Coy did a head stand and covered the span from my floor to the ceiling. Yeah...that was probably it.